This article contains the FAQs for the CW200UK and CW100UK Series Ninja® Foodi™ ZEROSTICK® PossiblePot/Pan. This supports the following SKUs CW100UK, CW102GYUK, CW102BLUK, CW102GNUK, CW200UK, CW202GYUK, CW202BLUK and CW202GNUK. Please note this also supports the refurbished models CW102BLUKREF, CW102BLUKREFB, CW102GNUKREF, CW102GNUKREFB, CW102GYUKREF, CW102GYUKREFB, CW202BLUKBRNREF, CW202BLUKBRNREFB, CW202BLUKREF, CW202BLUKREFB, CW202GNUKREF, CW202GNUKREFB, CW202GYUKREF and CW202GYUKREFB.