This article contains the C30000UK Series Ninja™ Foodi™ NeverStick® Premium Cookware Troubleshooting Guide. This supports the following SKUs: C30020UK, C30024UK, C30026UK, C30028UK, C30030UK, C30126UK, C30130UK, C30216UK, C30220UK, C30422UK, C30426UK, C30928UK, C33000UK and C35000UK. Please note this also supports the refurbished models C30020UKREFB, C30024UKREFB, C30026UKREF, C30026UKREFB, C30028UKREF, C30028UKREFB, C30030UKREFB, C30126UKREFB, C30130UKREF, C30130UKREFB, C30216UKREFB, C30220UKREF, C30220UKREFB, C30422UKREFB, C30426UKREFB, C30928UKREFB, C35000UKREF and C35000UKREFB.