OP100UK Ninja® Foodi® Mini Multi-Cooker FAQs

This article contains the FAQs for the OP100UK Ninja® Foodi® Mini Multi-Cooker. Please note this also supports the refurbished model OP100UKREF.

How Long Does The Unit Take To Depressurise?

The time it takes to release pressure depends on the quantity of food in the system and
can vary from recipe to recipe. Always ensure the float valve has dropped before trying
to remove the lid. If the system is taking longer than normal to depressurise please
unplug the unit and wait until the float valve drops before interacting with the product.

The Unit Is Counting Up Rather Than Down.

The cooking cycle is complete and the unit is in Keep Warm mode.

The Unit Is Hissing And Not Reaching Pressure.

Make sure the pressure release valve is turned to the SEAL position. If you’ve done this
and still hear a loud hissing noise, it may indicate your silicone seal is not fully in place.
Press START/STOP to stop cooking, VENT as necessary, and remove the pressure lid.
Press down on the silicone ring, ensuring it is fully inserted and lies flat under the ring
rack. Once fully installed, you should be able to tug lightly on the ring to rotate it.

Is The Pressure Release Valve Supposed To Be Loose?

Yes. The pressure release valve’s loose fit is intentional; it enables a quick and easy
transition between SEAL and VENT and helps regulate pressure by releasing small
amounts of steam during cooking to ensure great results. Please make sure it is turned
as far as possible toward the SEAL position when pressure cooking and as far as
possible toward the VENT position when quick releasing.

Why Can’t I Take The Pressure Lid Off?

As a safety feature, the pressure lid will not unlock until the unit is completely
depressurised. To release pressure, turn the pressure release valve to the VENT position
to quick release the pressurised steam. A quick burst of steam will spurt out of the
pressure release valve. When the steam is completely released, the unit will be ready to
open. Turn the pressure lid counterclockwise, then lift it up and away from you.

There Is A Lot Of Steam Coming From My Unit When Using The Steam Function.

It’s normal for steam to release through the pressure release valve during cooking. Leave
the pressure release valve in the VENT position for Steam, Slow Cook, and Sear/Sauté.

Lights Are Rotating On The Display Screen When Using The Pressure or Steam Function.

The progress bar indicates the unit is building pressure or preheating when using
STEAM or PRESSURE. When the unit has finished building pressure, your set cook time
will begin counting down.

How Can I Tell When The Unit Is Pressurising?

The progress bar will display on the screen to indicate the unit is building pressure.
Progress bars are showing on the display screen when using the Pressure or
Steam function.

Why Is The Time Counting Down So Slowly?

You may have set hours rather than minutes. When setting time, the display will show
HH:MM and the time will increase/decrease in minute increments.

Why Is My Unit Taking So Long To Come To Pressure? How Long Does It Take To Come To Pressure?

Cooking times may vary based on the selected temperature, current temperature
of the cooking pot and temperature or quantity of the ingredients.
• Check to make sure your silicone ring is fully seated and flush against the lid. If installed
correctly, you should be able to tug lightly on the ring to rotate it.
• Check that the pressure lid is fully locked, and the pressure release valve is in the SEAL
position when pressure cooking.