QB3001UK Nutri Ninja® Slim FAQs

This article contains the FAQs for the QB3001UK Nutri Ninja® Slim. This supports the following product SKUs QB3001UK and QB3001UKS. Please note this also supports the refurbished SKUs QB3001UKREF, QB3001UKREFB and QB3001UKSREFB.

What Comes With The Nutri Ninja Slim?

30 Power Pd 700W, x 2 Nutri Ninja Cup (470ml/16oz), x1 Nutri Ninja Single Serve Blade Assembly, x 2 Sip and Seal Lids

How Many Watts Is The Nutri Ninja Slim?

It is 700W, that operates on 220/240V with 50/60Hz of electrical power.

Can I Get Additional Parts (Blades, Containers, Cups, etc) For My Ninja Nutri Ninja Slim?

Yes. You can purchase accessories from the Ninja Kitchen website: www.ninjakitchen.co.uk/www.ninjakitchen.eu.

How Long Can I Use The Nutri Ninja Slim For?

Never use the Nutri Ninja Slim for more than 20 seconds without a pause. Never use the Nutri Ninja Slim when it is empty.

How Do I Care For My Nutri Ninja Slim?

Do NOT immerse the power head into water or any other liquid. Use a damp sponge to wipe clean. All containers, splash guards, blade sets and storage lids are dishwasher safe. It is recommended to place the blade sets, splash guards and storage lids on top rack of dishwasher. Use extreme caution when cleaning & handling the blades. Always store blades in containers or safe area.

Is It OK To Put The Nutri Ninja Slim In The Dishwasher?

Yes, all of the Nutri Ninja Slim parts are dishwasher safe EXCEPT the Power Pod. It is recommended to use the top rack of dishwasher for the blades, lids and splash guards.

How Much Do The Containers Hold?

Each of the cups hold 470ml.

What Is The Blade Speed?

The Nutri Ninja Slim has a unique one speed pulsing system that allows you to have total control while pulsing and blending to desired consistency.

Will The Nutri Ninja Slim Blend Vegetables and Fruits Into Drinkable Liquids?

The Nutri Ninja Slim is not a juice extractor, but it will blend whole fruits and vegetables into liquid form, you may need to add additional liquids or ice to reach the consistency you desire

What Are The Cups Made From?

BPA-Free SAN Plastic.

Can I Sharpen The Blades?

No, never try to sharpen blades!

Can I Make Hot Soup In My Blender?

Do not blend hot, steamed, or cooked ingredients into soup in the Nutri Ninja Slim until they have cooled to room temperature first. It will not create hot soup from cold, raw ingredients.